N.O.I. Nuova Oncologia Integrata offers different practices, clinically attested for their beneficial effects in the field of integrated support for cancer patients.

These practices and activities are in line with the guidelines provided by the Society for Integrative Oncology, an American institution formed by experts from renowned oncology institutes around the world.

An "integrated care" model is supposed to take into account what is at the same time effective and safe.

In order to acquire these certainties, we need both thorough and well-researched studies and agreement among researchers, just as it happens with conventional medical therapies.

linee guida Society of Integrated Oncology.pdf (536256)

In summary, the goal of the Society for Integrative Oncology is to formulate recommendations that guide professionals and patients to the most effective, custom-based support practices:

  1. the panel formulates specific recommendations based on "strength of evidence" and "risk / benefit ratio";
  2. hence the Guidelines that provide "guiding principles" for any modality of integrative therapy;
  3. the desired outcome is to "assist" health professionals in making "evidence-based" decisions in integrative oncology.

NOI is strongly oriented to

  • disseminating knowledge about health and integrated therapies in oncology, in order to enhance the self-enpowerment of individuals;
  • developing studies and research on integrated support methods for cancer care
  • being part of Italian / European / international networks and associations to ensure the updating, the seriousness and the professionalism of the operators

Funding and Donations serve these purposes.


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