NOI-Nuova Oncologia Integrata's support activities are operational since 18th October 2016.

Individual sessions are held at vicolo San Nazzaro 12, while group activities will take place at vicolo San Nazzaro 16, Piacenza.

For Courses timetables you can download this file: INIZIO CORSI ED ORARI.pdf

Before the opening of our courses, spend 2 days with NOI:

1) 11th October 2016: Opening of our Association. We invite you to meet members of other Associations (Tampa Lirica and Amici della Lirica) who are sharing common spaces with us at Vicolo San Nazzaro (Piacenza) in order to socialize and hopefully start a nice cohabitation.

2) 14th October 2016: Pre-activities basal tests and questionnaires. The collected data will be used within a project led by our Association for 2016/2017.