08/04/2017 11:05

This initiative has been called "Art and Sport with NOI".

Starting Sunday 4h December, we will sell lottery tickets during a sport event we got involved in: the annual party of Atletica Piacenza.

We will be among the public during these sport events: men's and women's fencing competition on 9th of December; and basketball competition on 11th of December, at Palazzetto dello Sport, via Alberici, Piacenza.

Also, Sunday 29th January, we will send lottery tickets at PalaBanca and show artworks that will be awarded as lottery prizes on the occasion of Assigeco Piacenza - Recanati basketball competition, beginning at 6 p.m. (via Tirotti, 54, Le Mose, Piacenza)

Ten great artworks will be awarded as lottery prizes, thanks to Piacenza artists' and athletes' generosity and creativity. Ticket price: 2,50 €, sold at Alpini di Piacenza's center. Lottery results: 9th April 2017. Flier download: locandina_piccola.pdf (1,5 MB)