19/02/2016 05:00


Licensed Psychologist admitted by the Psychology Board of Emilia Romagna, she is currently specializing in Psychotherapy at the Institute of Imaginary Analysis. She works in private practice providing counseling, support and therapeutic projects for adults, teenagers and children. She uses Autogenic Training and other Deep Relaxation Techniques. She also collaborates as a Psychologist with Associazione Epicurea of Piacenza within the Family Counselling Centre and with the CIPM Emilia (Italian Mediation Centre) for prevention of children and gender-based violence.
She also deals with assessment and diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorders.
She holds a Master's Degree in Psychology of Development and Educational Processes and has gained significant experience at the Department of Pediatric Neuropsychiatry at A.U.S.L in Piacenza, where she continues her Specialization Internship. She is currently attending a Master Degree on SLD (Specific Learning Disorders).