Un Arco Nel Portaombrelli: presentation of a selection of stories

03/12/2016 12:00

A presentation of a short stories book, a survival manual for these times, coupled with targeting donations for cancer patients projects and the opportunity to learn more about our NOI Nuova Oncologia Integrata Onlus Association; Fabio Martini, the book editor, and Claudio Arzani, a Piacentine author of this selection, will be present, as well as author Daniela Silvestri among others. The meeting will be held at Via San Nazzaro, 16, Piacenza.

"Un arco nel portaombrelli", Epigraphy, "L'Inedito" Book Series.

Thomas Trenchi made the streaming service on his blog "Sportello Quotidiano": bit.ly/2h5uu4w - Here's the link to the live video stream: www.facebook.com/SportelloQuotidiano/videos/807411372732200/